SEO For Wordpress Sites

The Best SEO for WordPress Sites

SEO For WordPress SitesSEO for WordPress site only means that you have to learn and know how to work using the CMS tool. With a WordPress, you are allowed to make more blogs or contents for your website. You can simply have these optimized for the search engines based on the keywords you wish to rank for.

Due to the reason that the contents are essential for their ranking purposes, you need to make use of all the top keywords. These keywords should also be linked to your services or your products. And since you are at the course of creating more contents for your website, the system should avoid the trends of duplicating a number of contents you already had.

SEO for WordPress is entirely more on creating contents that are educational and interesting for people. And thus, they will be coming back more to your website for more information. A number of SEO optimization WordPress ideas to follow include of the following:

Internal Linking

With regard to the best SEO wordpress plugin, internal linking deserves most of your special mention. When done properly, this can simply enhance the ranking of your website, improve the page views and enhance its usability.
When you write an article, you should put more links related to the articles on your website. You can also include a related articles section at the bottom of your post. This way, you help users in looking for more information about the same subject. One of the essential things to remember is to make use only of the most relevant keywords while linking to other parts of the website.


The use of the right headings makes it simple for users to read all of your posts or your articles. This also gives Google and big search engines the idea of what the web page is all about. So, you must try using only the essential keyword phrases as heading and subheadings.

Title tags

This tells Google and other search engines about your page or site. So, make use only of keyword phrases for your website to rank for as title tags. You need to set up the SEO title tag plugin clearly. And, this allows you to optimize the title tags. This is an easy yet efficient way to make WordPress blog SEO friendly.

If you want others to link to your site, you should take the initiative of linking to other sites. This is something you need to remember when you do SEO for WordPress blogs and websites. To ensure that a site owner has the knowledge of linking his site, going to the SETTINGS is essential. Select the DISCUSSION and activate the options to notify people when you link to their sites.

Image tags

Use Alt attributes to tell search engines about the images on your site. You can save your images using a keyword related to the text that accompanies the image. Doing so lets you get more traffic to your images.

Title tags

A title tag tells the search engines what a website or webpage is all about. Use all of the keyword phrases that you try to get your site to rank for as title tags. You can simply install the yoast SEO title tag plugin. And, this lets you optimize the title tags as you wish. This is a simple yet highly effective way to make your WordPress blog SEO friendly.


Putting in a sitemap to your WordPress site is simply essential. It makes it simpler for the search engines to index your pages. If you are skilled at it, you can do it on your own. If not, you can make use of an automatic sitemap generator for a sitemap on your website. This is simply one of the easiest ways to make your WP search optimization friendly.

Markup Validity

Use the W3C Validator to assess the mark-up validity of web documents. This can provide you with a clear picture of the code of your site. This also highlights the parts that need to be addressed or corrected.


With a WordPress site or blog, there are lots of plug-ins at your disposal. The plugins can help make the task of doing SEO WP site a bit easier. The best thing is that they are totally free. All you need to do is to visit the WP site. Choose for the plugins you like and install them on your website.


Making a WordPress site or blog search engine optimization friendly is an easy task if you understand the essentials of search engine optimization. Therefore, follow the tips listed above and optimize your WordPress site for the search engines and get lots of traffic.