• Can Protein Cause Cancer?

    According to a recent study, high protein diets may cause cancer. This is shocking news for anyone who eats a lot of protein to grow muscle.

    The idea behind the study is that protein allows cells to grow faster, so if there are cancer cells they will also be able to grow faster.

    We asked nutrition expert Dale C. from SolvingNutrition.com for his take on the matter. Here’s what he said:

    While this study seems to be potentially groundbreaking work, it’s important to remember that it’s just one study. Once more studies are done that suggest the same result I will look into it more.

    The thing is, that even athletes don’t need to take in that much protein. Following a diet plan like Paleo even doesn’t require you to eat that much meat, that’s just the impression that people who have never done it get.

    This study is more interesting because it provides insight into what may be the upper limit of a healthy protein intake. Further research will be very interesting.

  • Taking Your Workouts to the Next Level

    Let’s face it, people are lazy.  We want to put in the least amount of effort and get the most results, it’s human nature.  This isn’t always a bad thing though, being efficient is usually sought after.  Recently we highlighted how creatine can help your training, but there are other things that can help you get better results as well.

    Don’t Forget Protein

    A long term requisite for muscle building is protein.  Without protein our bodies would not be able to repair muscles and get stronger.  However, the problem is that protein can be hard to get in your diet.  Protein bars are one such way to get a lot of protein easily throughout the day.  There has been some controversy over these bars that have left people asking are protein bars good for you, and the answer is basically it depends how you use them.  As long as you don’t rely only on them for your protein they should be very beneficial to you.

    The best way to get protein is probably through protein powder.  These supplements can be easily mixed with any drink and taste decent.  You can get 20-30 grams per shake, which is about 15% of most people’s daily intake, not too shabby.  Here is a guide to finding the best protein powder.

    A Quick Fix for your Workout Blues

    Have you ever felt sluggish going to the gym? What if I told you that you can easily get some pre workout energy using a variety of supplements.  A pre workout supplement is a mixture of different stimulants that will wake you up and give you focus in the gym when you need it most.

  • What the Heck is Creatine

    I’ve read a lot about Creatine in the past few days and am ready to share some wisdom with our readers here at metaNews!

    What is Creatine?

    Creatine is a substance found in food, usually in meat.  Our body can also manufacture some so it’s not a huge deal if you’re a vegetarian but you will have less of it.  Basically, creatine gets stored in muscles and is a key part needed to re-generate ATP in order for the muscles to make more energy.  Creatine won’t necessarily make you stronger but it’ll let you train at a high intensity longer.

    One key thing that might confuse you is that there are many different types of creatine on the market.  The most common is creatine monohydrate, but there are micronized, phospates and many more.  Now these other types are usually made because they improve the solubility of the powder in water, but as far as science supporting that they have any better effect, it’s just not there.  You are better off just to stick to creatine monohydrate unless you want to spend extra for fun :).

  • The Most Important Winter Running Skill

    I know we have some readers that are runners out here :).  I thought I’d write a quick post about what you need to do come winter to stay injury free.  Anyone who has run in cold before knows that the hip flexors are the most vulnerable and should be treated with care.

    Hip Flexor pain is one of the worst feelings a runner can experience, so it is a very good idea to try to prevent any pain from occurring in the first place. It is very common for runners to neglect proper injury prevention measures, which often costs them dearly. The rest of this post will hopefully help you to understand why a good warm up and cool down are important.

    Hip Flexor Pain – Warm Up/ Cool Down – From Hipflexor.org

    • Warming Up: A warm up consists of light movement (jogging) to help the body start circulating blood.
    • Cooling Down: A cool down may be just as important as a proper warm up. It is during this period following a run that the body can start relaxing muscles and clearing out waste products. This will help you significantly during your next run and can help prevent an injury.

    If you make sure to do both of these every single training session, you can prevent injuries and in-turn prevent Hip Flexor pain.

  • Career Salary Information

    Job salary and benefits are important to everyone, and for good reason too.  Whether you are in the middle of a career transition or just beginning training or education for a career it’s always a good idea to keep up to date on the world of salaries and career information.

    Top Paying Careers

    Just to give you a reference you should compare these careers to the average career, which typically is close to a massage therapist’s salary.  And how much do massage therapists make? well right around $38,000 in 2011.

    In comparison, the top paying careers are Surgeons at $220,000, Orthodontists at $206,000, and finally physicians at $170,000.  As you can see, it can be very lucrative, albeit difficult to go into the health care field.


  • A Bit of Rule Changes Concerning Roth Accounts

    Recently you may have seen the recently changed Roth IRA Rules, if you have not check this post prior to continuing to read the rest of this post: rules for Roth IRA. Ever thought about if you should make a contribution in your Roth IRA or your own Standard IRA account? While an exact answer is extremely complex, there are many simple things you should be able to take note of that will assist provide you with a clear outline of the situation in order to make a great financial selection.

    • Look at your correct tax segment first. If you’re making a lot this tax year you’ll be in the high taxes group, and for Roth IRA deposit you will need to pay a great deal in fees. On the other hand, using the Traditional IRA you would not have to pay as much in taxes before you are significantly aged and then you would probably fall into a lesser earnings bracket
    • Second, should you contribute into your Roth IRA you must pay out state income taxes too in case your state demands this. In the event you stopped working somewhere without state taxes you would gain a lot more through holding more inside your Traditional accounts.

    Determining Your Roth IRA Contribution Restrictions

    It is extremely simple to be overwhelmed by the Roth IRA Contribution Restrictions in the year 2012, particularly when you may not use a Roth IRA to start with. Without an IRA, it can be quite hard to recognise the many phrases as well as the concepts which tend to be routinely used in the guidelines. The good news is, it is simpler than ever before to start a Roth IRA savings account currently. To create an IRA you’ve got 2 choices, you can do it in a good investment financial organization or open it on-line. If you opt to get it done on-line it will likely be less difficult and more easy down the road to keep up your ira. When making an ira just head to virtually any significant broker such as Scottrade or even Zecco and register for an account. There will be step by step guides on setting up a Roth IRA especially. Ensure that you take a look at different brokers so that you can have the cheapest charges each year, when you commit a little bit of effort before hand you can help save hundreds of dollars later on.


  • Visit us for News!

    We are just another news site, but it doesn’t mean we don’t appreciate you visiting.  We write mainly for enjoyment, but really do try to engage people and provide some benefit in their lives.  If you ever want a topic written about all you have to do is ask.

    Something that has been of recent interest of me is my Roth IRA as I am planning my finances for this year and next year, which prompted me to start writing about Roth IRA Contribution Limits.

    With the recent economic struggles are you ready for retirement? Most people are not ready, but they can fix this by using their Roth IRA correctly.

    Whether you are a young adult, a middle age working citizen, or someone just about to retire from their job, you need to think ahead about your financial future. As mentioned before in the above introduction, one really effective way to plan for retirement is to make the maximum contribution to your Roth IRA.

    Your maximum contribution is partially related to your contribution limits each year. You see, the contribution limits imposed on your savings account is determined by three factors, which gives you a percentage of your maximum contribution you can contribute. Therefore the higher the maximum contribution is the better you are off. If you continually make the largest contribution you will make the most money in the long run; make sure to take advantage of your 2012 Roth IRA Contribution Limits.